Thought Leadership ft. Zubin Sanghvi

We close the year with a special edition of our Thought Leadership Series. We speak to Zubin Sanghvi, Chief Executive Officer of Bhumi World.

Zubin Sanghvi of Bhumi World.
Zubin Sanghvi of Bhumi World

Zubin has 12 Plus years of experience with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry. Skilled in Mutual Funds, Insurance, Business Development, Blogger, and Equities. A strong business development professional with a Master of Business Administration – MBA focused in Finance, General from Mumbai University Mumbai. He is active in the Education Industry by being a Guest Lecturer and Visiting Faculty in many of the esteemed Management Colleges across Mumbai.

Excerpts from our conversation with Zubin are below.

1. How does delegation of work in real-world business work when remote working. Would you consider technology as an enabler or a bottleneck?

– It’s long been anticipated that WFH (Working From Home) will be the future of
operations for many businesses worldwide over the coming years.
However, the emergence of the devastating Coronavirus appears to have accelerated the transition of employees from the office into the comfort of their own homes. While some businesses may be well prepared for a widespread shift from working environments to home environments, smaller companies may have to demonstrate an unnatural level of agility to accommodate a WFH work ethic. With many nations across the world in some form of lockdown, it’s unclear how long the WFH transition will last. It’s expected that many businesses will look to uphold some form of WFH values in the future even after the pandemic has alleviated. 

Technology is no longer just a business enabler. It is extremely core to the business model itself, no matter what industry. Today, ‘digital’ encompasses a lot of things – artificial intelligence (AI), data science, big data, mobility, IoT (the Internet of Things), analytics, additive manufacturing, blockchain and much more. Digital technologies have become so integral to business models and core processes that no enterprise can ignore them and still remain competitive.
That’s why the rate of digitization across industries and countries continues to rise. Digital now accounts for a substantial and growing percentage of new enterprise IT spending. Thus, the current business environment is defined in part by global socio-economic factors, accelerating technological changes and changing client preferences for collaboration.

2. In the post-COVID-19 times ahead, how would you gauge hygiene at work?

-While the rules of quarantining will need to be adhered to, workplaces will benefit by developing various lines of defense against infection. 

The first line of defense will start at employees’ homes, where each employee will be asked to self-quarantine for a stipulated period if they experience any symptoms or come in contact with a patient or even senses a risk. We will need everybody to be honestly sensitive and accountable towards this.

The second line of defense is at the workplace entrance, where each person is checked for key parameters and symptoms like temperature, heart rate, and oxygen levels before being allowed to enter. Test equipment for these parameters are surprisingly quick and efficient. 

The third line of defense will be the compulsory usage of protective gear – including masks, gloves, and sanitizers – to ensure that the spread is minimized even if it does cross the first two lines to enter workspaces. Having the disinfection partner continuously protect all high-touch areas like door handles, lift buttons, staircase rails, etc., will also be critical. Lastly, an isolation room will be needed in all offices to quickly quarantine anybody who feels unwell. A designated doctor-on-call is a must.

3. Warehousing has evolved in the last 5 years. Which are some
of the changes that have made an impression on you in Warehousing?

-Warehouse management systems have advanced considerably in the last couple of years. In the process, they have made many warehouse
activities faster for people to perform and generated efficiencies to reduce labour-intensiveness.
Today’s warehouses need fewer operatives and hence, fewer line managers, because certain labour-reducing technologies have either made labour more efficient or eliminated it altogether.
Technologies such as barcode scanning and RFID have taken away much of that administration effort, by allowing operatives to simply scan a pick face and enter picked quantities on a keypad.
More advanced solutions even eliminate the data entry altogether, leaving the operative to concentrate solely on the actual picking. Scanning technologies have had a similar impact in other areas of warehouse operation, such as receiving, put-away, and dispatch.
Like other solutions already mentioned, voice technology reduces labour needs in more ways than one.
In addition to helping warehouse personnel get more done in less time, it makes human error a less frequent occurrence, in turn reducing the need for labour to be expended on checking and rework. Automated solutions are pervasive, and becoming more so as the technology improves in affordability
as well as sophistication. Fast forward to the warehouse of today, and you’ll notice far less in the way of paper about the place.
Warehouse management systems, automation, barcode, and RFID technologies, and voice guidance systems all combine to make warehouses more efficient, less impactful on the environment, and less reliant on manual labour.

4. If you were given a choice between high-accuracy or high-speed when planning work, what would you choose and why?

– Accuracy is extremely important no matter what job you have … if you mislead co-workers, your boss, your client because of mistakes then there can be repercussions.  In some circumstances accuracy is CRITICAL … 99% accuracy might be great for many professions, but for an aircraft pilot or a ship’s captain it isn’t great enough!
Sometimes you need to SLOW DOWN.  Many mistakes happen because work is rushed, or because the person
doing the work has not taken time to become accurate in their process.  
in the same way that children learn to walk before they run, it is important that we learn to do our job RIGHT first and THEN get faster!
it is easy to complete a task and submit it … but if you take a little extra time to double check your work you will reduce the margin for error.

5. Last, but not the least, what’s next on the horizon for Bhumi World in the coming years.
We would love a sneak peek!

– In the coming years’ Bhumi World plans to spread across PAN India by developing more Industrial Parks with the help of the State Governments. We have our vision set in line with our Prime Minister’s vision of Make in India, Skill India, and Atmanirbhar Bharat. We plan to set up Industrial Parks across 40 Smart cities in Pan India to help SMEs/ MSMEs fulfill their dreams of becoming successful Entrepreneurs. With India being helmed as the next Superpower, we are more than sure that our Industrial Parks will be able to cater to the rising need for Warehouse and Manufacturing demand down the years. With the employment that can be generated across the 40 Parks and the subsequent upliftment of people in and around the park, we desire to be a part of the Journey of our nation becoming the 5 Trillion Economy. Thus our Tagline – PLUG n PLAY with us @Bhumiworld.!

That was Zubin Sanghvi of Bhumi World with some fantastic notes on his work style, the changes in the industry and what’s next on his work horizon!

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