Where can Peppermint Robots be used?

We take a deep dive into the different spaces in which Peppermint can be deployed.

At Peppermint, we understand the importance of deep cleaning and sanitization of working environments to protect your workforce and ensure that the floor is maintained to the highest standards of cleanliness and internal quality standards.

Peppermint Robots help the janitorial staff to focus their time on other surfaces including tables, chairs, light switches, door handles and other commonly used surfaces that viruses may be living on and make everyday lives easier!

Peppermint Robots are multifunctional, can be used for various purposes and in a varied number of places.

Here is the list of places we can use Peppermint Robots :

  1. Educational Institutions
  2. Hotels
  3. Large Manufacturing
  4. Warehouses
  5. Transport Hubs
  6. Offices & Business Parks

  1. Educational Institutions – The emphasis on cleaning in a time like this is paramount to educational institutions. Earlier this year, we spoke with Mrs. Rajashree Kakade, Director at Shantiniketan Schools in Kolhapur about how COVID-19 changes the way they approach school re-openings & this is what she had to say about it.

“We will have to take into account physical distancing needs and change classroom layouts wherever possible as and when schools reopen. We plan to undertake regular fumigation, sanitising of our school premises, and teach our students and staff the need for personal hygiene and cleanliness, at all times and building up immunity through exercise and healthy nutrition. Wearing masks may also be expedient while in school and while travelling by school buses.”

Mrs. Rajashree Kakade, Director, Shantiniketan Schools, Kolhapur

You can read our full Thought Leadership post with Rajashree Kakade here.

  1. Hotels & Hospitality: The number one reason to halt travel is the inherent nature of it and there on the effects of the same for viruses and bacteria. By using Peppermint Robots to clean floors, hotels becomes safer. Our Robots capture 99.99% of particles as small as 0.3 microns with various bacteria and allergens.

  1. Large Manufacturing: Peppermint Robots are well suited for Food Processing Plants, Hardware or Engineering Plants Units, Warehousing Companies, Pharmaceutical Companies, etc. With so many rooms and surfaces to clean, Peppermint gives a strong and speedy response. It gives the floor a complete steam bath and fights to aim towards anti-bacteria and oil neutralizing.

  1. Warehouses: Adoption of Robotics has been the theme with Warehousing for some time now. When we approached the first few Warehouses for using Peppermint Robots, we were surprised at the different means of automation and robotics already in place at various warehouses. Peppermint became another addition to the burgeoning family of automation. One of our first client’s is a large warehouse in the Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust Area where you’ll see below that our Robots take the safest route and ensure optimum cleaning is complete keeping in mind the expensive materials stored.
  1. Transport Hubs: Peppermint Robots are super easy and convenient to use in crowded places like airports. With 0 disturbance to the staff as well as the passengers, peppermint does a swift job and leaves surfaces as clean as new. Most airports are LEED rated and hence they aspire to reduce water, exclude the usage of chemicals and Peppermint’s UVC band lights add an additional layer of disinfection.

  1. Offices & Business Parks: Offices and Business Parks are in the process of re-opening with extreme caution and care. Peppermint Robots have powerful suction for cleaning the entire floor with up to 8 hours of runtime with simultaneous cleaning updates. The Peppermint Robot changes its scrubber pressure automatically for optimal cleaning for each type of flooring and therefore manages the cleaning dynamically.

Switch to Peppermint Automated Robots and make your life easier.

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