Thought Leadership ft. Krish Hanumanthu

Since the lockdown has started, I have wondered about the process of hiring at length and wondered how remote hiring works and what are the changes affecting the HR industry.

We found Krish from Acengage to answer the most pressing questions!

Krish Hanumanthu

Krish Hanumanthu is the Co-founder of AceNgage, an award-winning HR intelligence company specializing in decision support services for employee engagement & retention.
AceNgage provides the necessary power tools of information to Line Managers and HR leaders to uncover and understand latent employee-related challenges and assist in making evidence-based decisions to improve talent acquisition, employee engagement, and retention. AceNgage assists client organizations in providing high-quality feedback for improving the quality and implementation of decisions taken and assist in monitoring the implementation of these decisions.

Krish enjoys playing squash, trips on Calvin & Hobbes and counts running a full marathon among his recent achievements

Here are the excerpts from our conversation with Krish.

1.       How does delegation of work in real-world business work when remote working. Would you consider technology as an enabler or a bottleneck?

Before I speak about delegation let me touch upon something that will increasingly become very important in remote working and that’s trust. Earlier if an employee wouldn’t answer his phone, you’d assume that he is busy. Today you are suspicious that he’s s probably whiling away his time watching Netflix or involved in some personal chores. I’ve heard employees tell us that sometimes Managers call multiple times which wouldn’t happen earlier. Low trust will make the relationship toxic. So, before we start delegating we should be conscious that things are different. Setting clear expectations with realistic timelines is a good start.

As far as technology is concerned, there are several delegation tools that can help Managers watch what their teams progress, on an ongoing basis. This can help them understand how they are coping and can pitch in at the right time if required. Technology will always be an enabler but depending on it entirely will be foolhardy. Healthy communication will always be critical to success. Even the best technology can’t over rule the need for trust and effective communication from both sides

2.       In the post-COVID-19 times ahead, how would you gauge hygiene at home and at work?

Until the vaccine comes out we’d rather be safe than sorry. At home, many of us already following some strict rules. Masks and sanitizers have become the new norm. At work, companies will have to take a few additional precautions. Social distancing and providing a hygiene environment will become extremely important and they will need to invest more in keeping floors, workstations, table tops metal surfaces, desks and toilets clean. Temperature checking could become mandatory.In my opinion, the general care& concern towards cleanliness will only increase going forward and rightly so.

3.       HR Tech has evolved in the last 5 years. Which are some of the companies that have made an impression on you in automating HR? 

If I were to answer this question 3 months later, I’d have slipped AceNgage into the list as our first product (A location-agnostic – Onboarding solution) would be out by then.  Considering that we are in the feedback space my favorites are Office vibe and Cultureamp. Xoxoday a cloud-based SaaS rewards platform that have recently entered the ‘pulse surveys’ space is doing a fab job too.  Among the HR automation companies, I’ve heard some good things about Zoho.

4.       If you were given a choice between high-accuracy or high-speed when planning work, what would you choose and why?

For me speed is fine but accuracy is everything. Having said that both are important and in the world we live in, everyone wants things as of yesterday. While the speed of delivery can be managed by setting the right expectations, accuracy is about ensuring that there is a ‘0’ error. I’d rather buy more time than deliver something that’s inaccurate. Inaccuracy also leads to lower trust and that is not helpful in any relationship. It would be tough to pick one over the other as it all depends on the circumstances but if I had to, it would be accuracy

5.       What are the Top learnings for you through the lockdown period? How do you intend to inculcate the same at work?

AceNgage has been built as a 100% work from home company and to that extent, we are used to working from home. The 3 things I have learned from the lockdown are:

There’s no point worrying, for things to change you must do something about it

When the realization of the impact that the lockdown would have on the work front, dawned upon us, the first reaction was worry and I remembered my ex-boss and an amazing mentor telling me once, that, by me worrying about something, the problem won’t go away. It was important for us to relook at what we were doing and reinvent ourselves. It was important to embrace the change. Change is the only constant!

Some other key learnings were:

1.       To take a hard look at all the things we do and how we spend our time – Prioritise on what’s important and what’s not

2.       Focus on softer elements – Be compassionate and considerate to everyone and everything that’s happening around us and be grateful for the things that we fortunately have

3.       There is always a way – We just need to find it

Lastly, in the end, everything will be fine if it’s not fine it’s not the end 🙂

6.       Jobs in Automation have seen an uptick in the last few years. With a 5-year horizon in mind, what are your recommendations to young students studying in this field?

The future will be about automation and robotics and we will definitely see many more people shaping their careers in this space. Broadly speaking, as the country progresses there will be many opportunities in various fields. What’s important is to be passionate about what one is doing, that’s what will set the winners apart.

7.       Finally, your Top 3 Productivity Applications for Work.

Mostly its Gsuite & MS Office for us

Thank you so much, Krish for sharing your views and I’m sure the readers loved reading them as well.

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