Thought Leadership ft. Deepak Toshniwal from Deesha Foods

In this edition of our ongoing Thought Leadership series we caught up Mr. Deepak Toshniwal of Deesha Foods.

Deepak Toshniwal

Mr. Deepak Toshniwal is a Pharmaceutical Industry veteran who has heralded the launch of Pharmaceutical products in over 50 countries and served as the country head of Spanish pharma major. Currently, he serves as the CEO of Deesha Foods, a chocolate manufacturing company which makes over 230 types of chocolates. Never shying away from giving back, Mr. Toshniwal has been an active member of Rotary International for more than a decade with multiple awards to his name.

Excerpts from our talk with Mr. Deepak Toshniwal is mentioned below –

1. What are the top 3 things you see changing in Manufacturing once the lockdown is lifted?

Once the lockdown is lifted, manufacturing industries may take the following initiative

   1. INNOVATION- There will be more concentration on Innovation in their products, also a value addition in their products, so that they get a higher valuation of there products in the market 

   2. COST SAVINGS – Industry will move towards Automation to decreasing the manpower as a cost-cutting measure

   3. EXPORTS- As China has been delisted by many developed countries, the Manufacturing industry  of India has a great chance to exports  and increase their share in the Global market

2. What additional measures you reckon are going to be the new normal in the wake of Covid-19 for organisations which earlier wasn’t the case?

1. HYGIENE –  There will more precautions  and measures to maintain Hygiene on the premises also in the Manpower  working  in the Manufacturing industry especially

2. Insurance, Group Health Insurance for all employees

3. Key Man Insurance – All key man insurance for Directors of the company 

4. Webinars – for Fitness & Stress management  workshops

3. What steps are you taking as an Entrepreneur during the lockdown for your employees?

 INSURANCE- Health insurance must for each and every employee. We see that each and every employee along with his family members are safe as per health and gets adequate groceries and essentials products and services required.

In this period of Lockdown, we are giving special pieces of training to our employees to upgrade their knowledge professionally and personally 

4. Which industries in India do you see making the journey back to normalcy fast post the lockdown?

  3.  FOOD   
  4.  Logistics 
  5.  Agro-based products

5. Finally, how does Covid-19 change the outlook on Robotics & Automation?

Great Opportunity for Robotics and  Automation after COVID-19 as per social distancing and Hygiene policies.

Also to save manpower usage, Robotics and Automation are going to play a crucial role to upgrade and update Industry values and policies.

EXPORTS- Robotics is going to play a major role in Exports. The fantastic market opportunity for Indian robotics cos of price, as the price would play a major role.

We thank Mr. Toshniwal for being a well-wisher of Peppermint from its inception and for his time for the Thought Leadership Series.

Thought Leadership Series is an ongoing initiative of Peppermint.

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