Advantages of an Autonomous Floor Cleaning Robot

Where are we today?

Floor Cleaning Machines by definition add a significant advantage over manual cleaning mechanisms which are inefficient, time consuming and extremely expensive for commercial spaces.

The advent of Floor Cleaning Machines heralded a wave of change in cleaning perspectives in the last two decades. In 2020, however, it seems the time to take another leap has come to move from Floor Cleaning Machines to Autonomous Floor Robots.

While Traditional Floor Cleaning Machines provide advantages over Manual Cleaning, the Autonomous Floor Cleaning provides not an incremental but significant advantage.

Advantages of Autonomous Floor Cleaning Robots

  1. Quicker Drying Times
  2. Fast Charging & Higher Uptime
  3. Telematics for 24×7 support
  4. Docking Station
  5. Contactless Operations

1. Quicker Drying Times

Along with quality scrubbing, the job of a scrubber dryer is to dry effectively as well. Large offices, airports and spaces with lot of movements put a premium on quick drying.

High Vacuum power of an Autonomous Robot enables quick drying. It initiates better suction mechanism and ensures the squeegee is used optimally.

One of the features of Intelligent Autonomous Floor Cleaning is the ability of the user to remotely control the vacuum power of the machine to facilitate quicker drying if required. This is a click/touch of a button either on the screen on the robot or the remote system available to operators.

2. Fast Charging & Higher Uptime

First look at the feature and you’ll have remembered your friendly phone company’s ads. The truth is, the same technology can be used for Robots to enable higher working hours.

Peppermint Floor Cleaning Robots use first-in-class & industry Fast DC Charging for it’s Robots providing 8 hours of uptime and less than 6 hours to do a full charge.

In addition, the makers have created a easy to use battery swapping mechanism which can be utilised to keep cleaning on without having to worry.

3. Reporting & Analytics

A constant grouse of all Scrubber Dryer/Cleaning Machine users is the long chain of undependable Customer Support that follows any breakdown.

Companies are known to take anywhere between 48-72 hours in their first response towards a breakdown complaint which is followed by a visit from a Customer Support Representative and upon diagnosis, the same representative is known to advise the purchase of new spare parts which will be in stock in a few days.

This is detrimental to spaces which require daily cleaning and certain spaces which require cleaning multiple times during the same day.

This is where the Telematics comes to the fore. A digitally connected interface that is available to Team Peppermint so we know the problem and our Customer Success Executive will be at the client location with the solution in hand in under 4 hours!

In the event of an emergency, the Telematics on the robot allow us to execute Remote Diagnosis of issues as well.

4. Docking Station

A Battery Operated or Electric Scrubber Dryer takes 30-45 minutes to replenish and there are always question marks over the way the waste water is disposed in an unsafe manner. The batteries of these Scrubber Dryers are extremely heavy and difficult to carry for operators. These are also extremely time consuming for charging and drain out within 120 minutes of working.

In stark contrast, the Docking Station makes Autonomous Floor Cleaning Robots like Peppermint completely touch free operation for sustained periods of time.

What does the Docking Station Do?

  • Automatic replenishment of consumables,  fluids, water
  • 100% safe disposal of waste and waste water
  • Fast DC Charging and supporting battery swapping

5. Contactless Operations

Contactless is as much a buzzword as AI or ML in a time like this.

Autonomous Operations of cleaning machines have been a common feature of modern homes. However, large industries have seen automation in other areas and only in the latter half of the last decade, we saw movement in new products in Industrial Automation space for cleaning.

Contactless, Autonomous, Sustainable and Hygenic Operations ensure optimum safety of employees and repeatable, predictable cleaning for companies giving them time to think and strategise on things.

Imagine walking into the shopfloor at 5 AM and the entire facility has already been cleaned. It has a tremendous effect on employee productivity and morale. It has been observed at Peppermint deployments during COVID-19 that employees have admitted to feeling safer with a robot cleaning surface areas across the shopfloor which was otherwise a human led affair.

These features accentuate the role of robots vs traditional machines providing user tremendous advantages in terms of cost, time and efficiencies along with deep reporting to back up the same.

The next time you have to choose a Floor Cleaning Machine, you should choose a robot.

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